The game that rewards library customers!


Fun & Engaging

Library Treasures lets Libraries take advantage of the explosion in personal devices and mobile games and offer a fun and engaging game playing experience to the library offer. Library users are rewarded for using the library, either physically or on the library website and incentivised to visit again and again.

Virtual Reality

Using Augmented Reality, a highly engaging experience for users of all ages, library members can collect tokens that allow them to unlock and play games. It turns the Library into a virtual game space where users can discover new experiences and compete with their friends, family, other local library users to become the ultimate library treasure hunter.


As well as being able to check their high scores and to see where they rank on the leader boards, there are other competitive features in Library Treasures. Users can “check in” at their library and get in-game rewards for visits. The ultimate visitor becomes the “Captain” of their library and users can compete to try and take the crown.