The game that rewards library customers!

Library Treasures turns your library into a virtual game space. Using Augmented Reality, library goers can collect coins and play games in your library all from their mobile device. Place posters around your library to make it a treasure hunt for coins or give out coins as incentives for people to visit the library. The possibilities are endless! Users scan a poster which lets them play games on their phones or tablets, but to play these games, they need coins which will always be located at the library.


This game pack contains games suited towards a younger audience. Filled with cutely-drawn cartoon animal characters and simple but addictive games, this is the ideal game pack to get kids into libraries!


This pack contains the widely acclaimed Shootin’ Hoops game. Which uses Augmented Reality to allow the user to shoot free-throws into a hoop through their phone or tablet camera! This pack is slightly more complex than the Animals game pack and is suited towards pre-teens and older.​


This game pack gives big kids a blast from the past of classic gaming. Remember "Snake" on the older Nokia devices, Tetris on the Gameboy and all those old platform games of days gone by? Game pack three is designed with this audience in mind but will also give younger users an experience of games, retro style.